Science is all around us! The news is always full of stories that are related to Science. It’s important for us to realize how Science affects our everyday lives and its role in the world around us.

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This assignment is worth 30 points (marks) each term.

1.Each term you will find one Science news article (English or Spanish) related to what we are studying in class, and write a summary of the article in ENGLISH. It must have been written in the last year (2011-2012).

2. You will POST this summary on the wiki in the DISCUSSION section of YOUR class and section (ex. 7A/ 8B etc). I will not search the rest of the wiki to find your summary. This summary must be posted on the wiki no later than ONE WEEK before the end of each term. (20 marks)
Posting on a wiki is the same as responding to a message on Facebook™:
a. You must be a member of the wiki.
b. Click on your Science in the News page and click on 'new post'.
c. Write or copy and paste your response from Word into the message box.
d. Remember to include the ENTIRE LINK to the article if it was found on the internet. I will not mark/grade your assignment is this is missing.
e. When finished, click on 'post'.

To find out what information to include in your summary, see below.

3. You will also be responsible for responding to one other summary IN YOUR CLASS, using ALL FIVE OF THE SENTENCES BELOW: (10 marks)
a. I like/dislike this response because...
b. I think...
c. I wonder...
d. I disagree/agree with this response because...
e. I think the most interesting part of this article is...
Start a message below the summary you are responding to and then click 'post' when you are finished writing. Not happy with the post? Delete and write a new one!


Note: Any summary or responses that are very similar or identical will be given a mark of 0 and no chance to recuperate.

4. You will present your Science in the News article twice during the year. (10 marks)
Students with last names A - K will present terms 1 and 3.
Students with last names L - Z will present terms 2 and 4.

Your summary can be arranged in whatever order you choose but you must answer the following questions IN FULL SENTENCES:
1. What happened?
2. When did this event happen?
3. Where did it happen?
4. Who was involved? Who is affected by it?
5. Why do you think people did it?
6. Why should we care about it?
7. How will this event change things in the future?
8. How is this event related to Science? How is this article/event related to what we have been studying this term?

Need help finding an article? Try out these links:
3. EBSCO database from the GI library website

20 marks summary / 10 marks response
16 / 8
12 / 6
8 / 4
4 / 2
All questions answered in full sentences, and responses/explanations are thoughtful and detailed; suggests new ideas to consider
All parts of questions answered, and responses/explanations are thoughtful and in full sentences
All questions answered, but more explanation needed, not all responses in full sentences
Missing some information or answers and did not answer in complete sentences
Did not complete all questions or missing most answers

This assignment is 30 marks and part of your Communication grade each term.